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RBS Dance and Music Academy provides a place where every woman and girl can express her creativity and spirituality through dance and music. RBSDMA, is located in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel and caters to girls and women of all hashkafas.


The Owner/Creative Director of RBSDMA, Shaked Sebag, is honored to direct a religious dance school that provides professional and quality training. Directors and instructors have years of training and have experience performing locally and abroad. RBS Dance and Music Academy is not just a community chug, but rather a professional school for serious artists who want to further their dance and music education while having fun and performing in only-women events. 


We provide high level training in Ballet, Jazz, Hip hop, Contemporary, technique and performance skills.  In collaboration with Judith Gerzi and her Vocal Program, students can enjoy private or performance group classes where they learn various vocal techniques and performance skills.  Ariella Zeitlin and her Violin Program offer a creative and fun way to practice classical technique and are performance ready by the end of the year.

Students participate in our end of the year production which draws crowds from all over Israel. About 600 women and girls enjoy our production every year.  

We have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for girls and women starting from age 4!  Please note: We DO have beginner classes for all ages!  Our Performance Company receives higher training and performs at various women events throughout the year, as well as online women's events, and other special projects. This class is by audition only.  Please call 058 488 0060 to learn more about the PERFORMANCE COMPANY and auditions.


RBSDMA uses only religious Jewish music and/or instrumental music during class and performances. We also keep a high level of tzniut in classes and performances.

Our programs have come so far, especially while dealing with the challenges that COVID 19 has brought us all, BUT, we are going stronger that ever, and continuing to be there for the girls and women of our community.  With strict adherance to the MOH guidelines, we will continue to offer the best that we can in music and dance.  2020-21 promises to a be a fabulous and unexpected year!

 Come be a part of this incredible family of talented women and girls!

Creative Director - Shaked Sebag

Co- Founders 

Shaked Sebag

Jezliah Villarreal