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Class Description 

RBSDMA has 4 divisions: Mini (ages 4-9), Junior (ages 10-13), Senior (teens and women),and Senior Performance Company.

Mini Creative Jazz

Ages 4-5

These classes introduce a structured environment while allowing children to recognize their own individuality and body mobility. Focus is on coordination and rhythm introduced in creative and imaginative ways. Keeping students entertained while learning beginning dance skills will help them to acquire a lifelong love for dance.

Mini Pre Jazz

Ages 6-8

These classes allow students to explore rhythmical and percussive movements with jazz, ballet technique, and leaping and turning with jazz. This high-energy class is a solid foundation of dance and sure to be a favorite! No previous dance experience is required. NEW! Pre Jazz Level 2 for girls who have prior experience!

Jazz                        Levels 1,2,3, 4

Junior and Senior

Jazz classes explore traditional, Musical Theatre/Broadway, Lyrical and Contemporary styles in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Classes begin with a warm-up with stresses technique, flexibility, coordination and strength, followed by progressions across the floor, center work and combinations.  Beginner students learn fundamental jazz steps and basic vocabulary through across the floor exercises and simple combinations.  Intermediate classes focus on body placement and proper technique, stretching and development of skills. Advanced classes emphasize quality of movement in addition to perfecting technique, performance skills and varied styles. 

Contemporary            Levels 1,2,3

Junior and Senior

Contemporary Dance appeals to the creative, artistic soul in everyone because of its expressiveness and freedom of individuality. The classes introduce students to certain elements of  techniques and focus on movement from the inside out, encouraging use of breath, energy, and connection. A warm up of breath and energy work, followed by exercises that emphasize extension, release, weight, momentum, and force, culminate in long movement phrases and improvisation exercises that playfully explore movement possibilities. The goal is to develop strong, versatile dancers that can intelligently handle any dance style. Contemporary Dance is a more of a collaborative style that includes modern, jazz, ballet, and hip hop elements. 

Ballet - Levels 1,2,3,4
Junior and Senior

Students will learn classical ballet techniques and terminology in the Cecchetti Method. Each class includes barre exercises, center floor work, and across-the-floor combinations. The ballet curriculum is based on a combination of the French and Cecchetti methods as students progress through each level curriculum will become increasingly more complex and intricate.

En Pointe

Junior and Senior

 Pointe classes are designed for students with previous ballet training. Students will utilize previously learned ballet technique while working in pointe shoes. Each class includes barre exercises, center floor work and across the floor combinations. These exercises focus on strengthening the feet and ankles.

Hip Hop

Junior and Senior

Hip hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements. Hip hop dance requires students to have the strength and stamina to successfully perform moves. Therefore class includes upper and lower body conditioning as well as a warm-up to help prepare students for more intense movements

Private and Online Lessons

Private and Online lessons are available in Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Technique and more... Please inquire with Shaked - 058-488-0060

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