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Maggini's violin

Voice and Violin...


Rebbetzin Judith Gerzi 

Small Group and Private Voice Classes

Virtual lessons available

Ariella Zeitlin

Small Group and Private Violin Classes

Ariella is an internationally recognized frum performing and recording artist who works with students so they can reach a high level in a short amount of time. 
She has created a unique, fun program so anyone can learn how to play the violin, and is especially interested in girls who want to commit and really shine. Groups of 6 girls meet weekly, ages 10-15 with additional sessions scheduled leading up to big shows. Girls are assigned a practice buddy and are expected to meet to play one additional time per week with their buddy besides for group classes, and lessons are shared between Ariella and an assistant when she travels for concerts

Private Lessons

Private and Online lessons are available.... Please inquire with Shaked - 058-488-0060

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